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This one is all about Sci-Fi movies and why extra terrestrials come to our little planet...

25 Reasons Why Aliens Visit Hollywood  by Simon Power


War of the Worlds, Independence Day, Mars Attacks (ACK! KACK!)
“Gentlemen, this means war!” Probably the most successful story line, relying heavily on zeitgeist paranoia and plenty of ‘unfriendly fire.’


Earth Girls Are Easy, Life Force, Species
Unfortunately, not all aliens look like Natasha Henstridge. Infact not many humans do, either. Not ‘round my way, anyhow. Oh, well.


Alien Nation, Men in Black
Sanctuary-seeking inter-galactic refugees looking for a better quality of life in the land of plenty
(plenty of trouble, that is).

4.By invitation.

We send out a zillion dollar satellite and end up with Jeff Bridges? No fair swapsies!

5.By accident.

ET: The Extra Terrestrial
Now happily retired from space travel and enjoying a nice little earner, last seen advertising BT internet services.

6.For benign purposes.

The Abyss, 2001-A Space Odyssey
More-superior-than-thou tree hugging ET’s with nothing better to do.

7.For Bodysnatching.

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers
Everyone deserves a good ‘Nytol’. 

8.For Graverobbing.

Plan 9 from Outer Space.
Should be pointed out that the graverobbing was ultimately for the benign purposes of saving the World from nuclear destruction.

9.To warn of impending doom.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
“Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!” 

10.To seek resources.

The Man Who Fell To Earth 
Water was scarce on his home planet, but luckily for Mr. Bowie, henna hair dye and duffel coats were still in abundance. 

11.To mine.

Daleks-Invasion Earth 2146 AD
Those pugilistic pepper pots with nothing else on their minds but stealing the Earth’s core and replacing it with an engine from a mk.2 Escort (or something!). 

12.To hunt.

Not only hostile in the extreme, but invisible, too! Over to you, Arny!

13.To jam with scientists.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Five musical notes arranged in such a way that they remain irritatingly wedged in the human sub conscience mind. (much like the hits of ‘S. Club 7’ )


When is your local video store going to wake up to the potential of having a “bargain bin” exclusively for Saturday Night Live spin-offs?!


It Conquered the World, Conquest of the Earth
Yup, to kick some human ass. These folk are just generally pissed off and the Earth happened to get in the way. Now, pass the popcorn! 


X-Files (Colonisation plus most of the other categories in this list), Village of the Damned
 Just to point out here that ‘Village of the Damned’ is not so much Hollywood, more Boreham wood. 

17.Whale watching.

The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV
Quite rightly pointing out that an extra terrestrial visit may have little or nothing to do with humans, the Earth’s self appointed beneficiaries, these visitors raise the oceans looking for humpty-back whales and finding none, ‘leave the bath running’. 


Fire in the Sky, Flight of the Navigator, Communion (Chris Walken gets down with the greys)
Interfered with, poked, pinched and probed and what’s more, when you get back home, no one will believe you (with the exception of Sunday Sport journalists).


They came to retrieve some colleagues and ended up potentially putting Stanna stair lifts out of business. 

20.To be unintentionally worshipped

Chariots of the Gods. 
They built pyramids and landing strips and Stone Henge and Heston Services and then buggered off back into Space. 

21.To hide.

Space criminals escape from a space prison and hide out on Earth. Hey, it could happen! 

22.To over run gardens.

The Day of the Triffids
Where was Alan Titchmarsh when we needed him most? 

23.For a scrap.

Highlander 2 
See you, Jimmy! 

24.To kidnap Santa Claus.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
The title says it all! 

25.To inadvertently get married.

I married a Monster from Outer Space…Inadvertently.  


Here are some categories that didn’t quite make it but deserve a mention. (Cue the cheesy music).

To seek help.
Galaxy Quest 

By misunderstanding.
Spaced Invaders 

To make an arrest.

For beer and cigars.
The Aurora Encounter 

To suck out peoples brains.
(There must’ve been one!) 

To get their ball back.
(There should’ve been one!) 

Not sure...
Invaders from Mars
Invasion of the Saucermen
The Thing.

Hapless Martians blown to shreddies before even reaching passport control, let alone stating ‘purpose of visit’!

That's it for this list. If you think of any more, please get in touch! And if you use this as reference in a book, article or disertation, please quote the source. Thanks! Simon Power