welcome to meonsound 2015...

meonsound is a small, flexible independent audio/visual production studio.
We make podcasts & audio dramas and produce documentaries, virals & web media
for websites & businesses.

meonsound is home to Simon Power who composes all the music & sound design for
BBC Audio's
Classic Doctor Who audio releases.

As Dream Valley Music he produces music for film, TV, games and web media.

meonsound now offers a new & unique music consultancy service

So please get in touch if we can help with your creative audio/visual projects.

...Have fun and enjoy your visit!

 Skyline Loft Conversions. Voiceover, music & sound design produced by meonsound.


Making A Cello. Ever wondered how a cello is made? Our film shows the whole process.


Circle Of Souls was selected for the Portobello Film Festival 2014.